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Session Topic: Using the Reverse Illustrator with Financial Advisors

Session Description: More and more Financial Advisors are taking a new look at Reverse Mortgages. Now, with our powerful Illustrator tool, you will be able to demonstrate the flexibility and options that a reverse mortgage can bring to their client's financial plan over a 30 year term.

The Illustrator combines interactive charts and graphs to answer a number of “what if” questions such as:

* How would the available line-of-credit change if voluntary payments are made?
* What impact would rising interest rates have on the loan and line of credit balances?
* What if the home value stayed flat or even declined?
* How much money could be taken out from the reverse at a later date?

Join us to learn how to navigate this easy to use software. We will also review several scenarios that have helped prospects and their Financial Advisors to fully understand how a reverse mortgage can enhance a retirement plan, and lead to actual sales.

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